All Aboard!

Photo: Mig Rodz, Flickr Creative Commons

Photo: Mig Rodz, Flickr Creative Commons

Many, okay most people attend church like it’s a cruise ship, thinking, “what can this church do for me? When is the next fun event / church dinner / concert so I can just soak up the goodness?” In a church like that, very few people do the work of keeping the crowds entertained and happy. Like a cruise ship. I could elaborate, but I’m pretty sure you get the picture.

What would happen if we viewed the church we attend as a battleship?

USS New Jersey | Photo courtesy Michael Thompson, Flickr Creative Commons

USS New Jersey | Photo courtesy Michael Thompson, Flickr Creative Commons

On a battleship, each person has a job to accomplish in fighting the enemy. Think on that for a minute.

Think of the evil we could annihilate if the church operated this way…

Abused children rescued.

Trafficked women and men set free.

Marriages restored.

The hungry fed.

As a pastor’s kid, there have been more Sunday’s spent in church in my life than not. To be honest, I’ve spent most of it like I was a cruise ship passenger.

It’s time for me to board the battleship.


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