Big Audacious Prayers

God is teaching me more about prayer lately. I’ll admit it’s something I’ve never been very good at – I mean the down on your knees, prayer closet kind of prayer. I’m more the prayer walk and whisper prayers all day long type. I know there’s a place for both – and I still have much to learn – but what God is showing me lately is not a challenge to the format or style of my prayers, but the content.

“I am the LORD, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 32:27

My prayers seem to think so. How about you?

When was the last time you prayed for what your earthly mind knew was impossible? Have you neglected to pray for an especially hard-hearted person because you think they are beyond God’s reach? What about a miraculous healing? A family restored?

In his book, The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears, Mark Batterson challenged me by saying, “God is for you. If you don’t believe that, then you’ll pray small timid prayers; if you do believe it, then you’ll pray big audacious prayers.”

BIG:  [big]  adjective

  • 1. large, as in size, height, width, or amount: a big house; a big quantity.
  • 2. of major concern, importance, gravity, or the like: a big problem.
  • 3. outstanding for a specified quality: a big liar; a big success.
  • 4. important, as in influence, standing, or wealth: a big man in his field.
  • 5. grown-up; mature: big enough to know better.

AUDACIOUS:  [au·da·cious] adjective

  • 1. extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless: an audacious explorer.
  • 2. extremely original; without restriction to prior ideas; highly inventive.
  • 3. recklessly bold in defiance of convention, propriety, law, or the like.
  • 4. lively; unrestrained; uninhibited.
Big. Audacious. Prayers.
What does that look like for you?

It’s time to believe God is for us.

 Circle Maker quote

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