My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me

Today, sitting outside on our front porch, I was captivated by two little birds building a nest under our eaves.  

They sang beautifully as they worked, coming back with some small twig for their nest. Nothing spectacular, just a small effort. Yet it brought out a beautiful song of Praise. 


There are so many little birds you would not think they would gain the Heavenly Father’s attention, yet Jesus said NOT ONE of them falls to the ground but what the Heavenly Father sees it – making each one significant in His eyes. 

I began to sing, “My Heavenly Father watches over me. Though billows roll, He keeps my soul, My Heavenly Father watches over me.” 

Is God interested in insignificant me? Yes. He is. 

He sees us when the billows of life rage around us, and He keeps us. We are not insignificant to our Heavenly Father. 

Written by Gladys 3/30/04



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