“Peace, man……….”

During the hippie era, that was the greeting from one person to another. In other words, stay cool, calm, don’t stir up strife; love everybody.


Still today we see the peace sign displayed on car bumpers, t-shirts, jewelry, etc.

Peace is that elusive “thing” we all want but can’t make happen in our world of wars, our homes of strife, our government of lies.

How do you grasp peace?

You can’t hold it in your hand; you can’t meditate enough hours to make it stay with you in your spiritual self to last indefinitely.

What is the answer for the heart of mankind the world over to receive peace?

You say that to receive Jesus,The Christ, in your heart is the answer!

I say YES to that, because peace is not a thing, not an “it.”

But, we are just human after all, and life is hard. Even those of us who believe totally in God and His plan for our lives struggle sometimes with life issues and decisions.

When the angel of the LORD appeared to the shepherds the night of Jesus’ birth, he said, “”Do not be afraid (as in the absence of peace), I bring you GOOD NEWS of GREAT JOY that will be for ALL THE PEOPLE. Today in the town of David (Bethlehem) a SAVIOR HAS BEEN BORN TO YOU; HE IS CHRIST THE LORD.”
Then suddenly a great company of heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth PEACE to men on whom His favor rests.'”

Since that time we haven’t done very well with the concept of peace in our world, our homes; even in our hearts and minds.

But that kind of peace is offered to us in the persons of God the Father, Jesus, His Son, and the Holy Spirit.  All we have to do is take it by faith.

In John’s Gospel, chapter 14, verse 27 we read Jesus’ words, “Peace I leave with you, MY PEACE I GIVE TO YOU, NOT AS THE WORLD GIVES, GIVE I UNTO YOU. DO NOT LET YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED AND DO NOT BE AFRAID.”

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, The Author of Peace, in a couple days, may we be reminded that HE IS OUR PEACE!!!

Take His Peace unto yourself moment by moment every day.



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