Believe the Impossible

Going into the new year I have a been doing some reflecting on the past year.

What have I done?

I have done a lot.

Attended 7 weddings. I was in 2 of them.

Became a life coach.

Hiked the tallest mountain in the lower 48.

Began discipling woman and have been discipled myself.

Experienced inner healing and have been learning how to give myself grace.

Turned 28

Partnered with M2B ministries to help missionaries with re-entry.

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God is doing a lot and I know there is more to come in 2017.

One thing that I desire this year is to have more intimacy with God. I know I need to pursue God and spend time with him. I must pray and sit and be in His presence. This is something I need to be discipled in and practice. I must turn it into a habit, a good habit. I know this will be a habit that will change my life! I want to hear God’s voice and be able to share what he tells me with others to encourage them and hear what he wants to say for my life.

This past year I have also been learning how to dream big and if my dreams don’t scare me, they are not big enough. That’s a scary statement. I think before I would never allow myself to dream so big it scared me because I figured it would never happen. But that’s not the right attitude!!! I must believe in my God to do the impossible. I must believe that he has my best interests in mind and wants the best for me. He can make the imaginable possible and that is what I am hoping for this year! I want things to happen that can only be explained in one word… GOD.

Why don’t we live like that? Why don’t we live life thinking the impossible will happen? Believing the impossible will happen!

It’s a mindset. We need to change our mindset and our focus to be on Jesus. We need to trust him and his ultimate plan for his life.

God gave me a picture many months ago of me and him standing hand in hand on a stone. It was a stone that looked like part of a stone path but all I could see what the stone I was on. As I was hand in hand with him he led me to the next stone. As put my foot out to take the next step the stone appeared.

My interpretation of this vision is that God is with me every step of the way but that he wants me to trust him and to stay present. He wants me to stay focused on where I am and not where I am going or where I have been. He wants me to take the step of faith and trust that he has something there for me even though I cannot see it.

And I believe this is true for you as well. God wants you to stay present but to trust him in the process and to take his hand and let him led you. It’s scary but great things happen when we step out and take risks.

I pray that for us going into this new year. I pray we grab onto God’s hand and allow him to led us to the next stepping stone in our lives even if we cannot see it! I also pray we stay present where we are and enjoy the moment.

Believe the impossible.

Enjoy the moment.

Trust God.


Blessed Are The Flexible

In honor of Mother’s Day, coming up this Sunday, I thought I’d share this post.

My Mom says this to me often (and she tells me that her Mom said it to her),
“Blessed are the flexible, for they will bend and not break.”

I have wasted too much effort in my lifetime being fixated on things I could not control. As in all other areas, being flexible and unbreakable is for me a work in progress.

There are several things that happen in life that we have no control over. Two examples are: weather and getting sick – at the most inopportune times!

Have you ever planned an outdoor party, or even a wedding, and then it rained and stormed so badly that you couldn’t have it? You had to have a plan B somewhere inside? We can plan all we want to, and we are supposed to make a plan, but we can only work with the factors given us when the moment comes. We have to choose to see the good in it and believe it’s for the best.

I actually had a trip planned to Florida at the end of January to see my Mom and my Aunt Tami who was going to visit from California. I don’t get to see either of them as often as I’d like. I had been planning this trip for months!

Then, a trifecta of uncontrollable circumstances occurred at the same time that prevented me from taking this trip. My car broke down a few days prior requiring me to make rental car reservations. Then, I caught a bad cold the week leading up to the trip. I can’t remember when I was that sick! And finally, wouldn’t you know that we got an ice and snow storm in Charlotte the day before I was to drive! Ice is very treacherous when driving, and Charlotte basically shut down. Not only was I ill, but I could not get anyone to pick me up to take me to the rental car place, and even crazier, the rental car place closed due to inclement weather. When does that even happen? And all at the same time? I was so frustrated.

I actually got forced to decide not to go on the trip and forfeited my time with my Mom and Aunt all together. It took all I had to buck up and be flexible, believing that there must be a reason for this change of plan.

All these were things that were out of my control. There are many things in life that happen that way, and there is absolutely nothing we can do but resolve to learn a lesson and be flexible with our plans. God’s plan does not conform to ours! Try as we may, we are only human and cannot control all the factors in our lives. The example I gave was mild – we all face major circumstances in this human life that require us to be flexible. We must be so that we can be strong. The strength comes in the ability to bend, not in being so rigid that we can snap.

I am not known for being a very flexible person, but I continue to grow in this area the older I get. Fortunately for me, I have role models in this skill! My Grandmother was a very calm and flexible woman – she always believed that God knew what was best and rather than being irritated or rigid, she would “roll with life” and be open to where God was taking her moment by moment. My Mom has exhibited this skill, and continues to remind me to be flexible and teachable with her words and with her actions.

Grandma, Tami and Mom on Mother's Day 2007

Grandma, Tami and Mom on Mother’s Day 2007

So, on this Mother’s Day – I thank you Mom and Grandma for the wisdom you have bestowed upon me. It may be taking me a long time to grasp it, but you instilled it inside me! And here’s a shout-out to a great Mom, my Aunt Tami, and my very flexible and unbreakable cousin Nikki! Oh how I wish I could have mastered this skill as early as you have! You all inspire me daily! XOXO



Believe what?     Believe who?

Believe Santa is real?       Believe this chair will hold me when I sit down?     Believe I will win the Power Ball?

Every time I see that word used in so many ways and written on so many objects I think to myself and sometimes audibly say “believe what? who?”

Do you think belief and trust are the same thing?  They are both elusive in that you can’t hold them in your hand, and yet we act on those words every day.   I guess the answer is unique to each person, but I tell you the truth…“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved, you and your household.”  Acts 16:31 

As you believe on Him and in Him, every part of your life will be affected.  You will walk in The Light because He is Light.  He is Truth!  And because of your daily walk in His Light your family and friends will see that your belief in Jesus Christ as Savior is truth.


The young people at my church sang a song written in 2013 by the Newsboys (Hooper,Fike & Ryan) and the following is part of that song entitled We Believe.

“In this time of desperation when all we know is doubt and fear, there is only one foundation.  We believe.  We believe.  In this broken generation, when all is dark, You help us see, there is only one salvation.  We believe.  We believe.

We believe in God the Father….We believe in Jesus Christ….We believe in the Holy Spirit, and He’s given us new life.

We believe in the Crucifixion….We believe that He conquered death….We believe in the resurrection, and He’s coming back again.  We believe.

So let our faith be more than anthems, greater than the songs we sing.  And in our weakness and temptations,  we believe….we believe.

Let the lost be found and the dead be raised.  In the here and now let love invade.  Let the church live loud.  Our God, we’ll say, we believe.

And the gates of hell will not prevail, for the power of God has torn the veil.  Now we know Your love will never fail.   We believe.  We believe.



Let’s Just Believe

The Lord is my Shepherd… I shall not want

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures

He leadeth me beside the still waters…

We all love the 23rd Psalm … the Shepherd’s Psalm, and we love to say that the Lord leads us.  Yet, when we are in a path other than the one we think we should walk on, we grumble.

When God led the children of Israel out of Egypt’s bondage, Exodus 13:17-18 tells us He did not choose the closest path, but rather He led them into the wilderness and by the Red Sea.  Verse 17 says God did this because the people might have gotten discouraged when they saw war, and returned to Egypt.

I have found there is always a reason for the pathway our Lord chooses for us.  He is always working for our good. We may feel “God is not with me.”  Circumstances are never an indicator of that.  He has promised never to leave or forsake us.

Let’s just believe.

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy