LifeWords Blog Backdrop ~ My Point of View

While my sister, Tami, was visiting me in Massachusetts, I mentioned to her that I had always had an idea of a short 3-5 minute radio program that was an encouragement to those listening. Since Tami is a professional voice personality and does voice recordings for clients in her home, I thought she could give me some advice as to how to proceed with my idea.┬áBecause it is costly to record and buy time on radio stations, she suggested an online blog might be a better way to get an “audience.” The name LifeWords Today was decided upon and my daughter, Kristin, and Tami’s daughter Nikki also said God was dealing with them to get active in an ongoing ministry of edification.

With Tami’s media and technical experience she is the obvious one to set up this blog! This is a mother-daughter adventure! In fact, our Mother, Rev. Gladys Johnson, who passed away in 2009 at age 90, is the main inspiration for this blog. Mom was a writer and Bible teacher and preacher, and her legacy lives on in the hearts of her daughters and grand-daughters. We pray that you will receive encouragement from the Word of God and our combined experiences as you read our LifeWords Today blog and that you will also share it with your friends!