Are You Drinking the Water of Life?

white daisies

Sitting on our dining room table is a lovely plant of white daisies. We have had this lovely plant for almost a month and it has thrived at our house. However, last night I noticed the petals were drooping and looked withered.

“I’ll have to water that tomorrow,” I said. But, just to be safe, I got a glass of water and wet the dry soil.

This morning I was greatly surprised – for that plant that was withering and dying was REVIVED! The flower petals that were drooping were now lovely once again, and once again it was a thing of beauty. As I looked, I thought about the Water of Life. Many of God’s children who should be alive and vibrant in Jesus are dull and complaining about life. IN their spirit, they have wilted. There is no longer the Fragrance of Jesus.

What is the remedy?

Just an outpouring of the Water of Life, which is Jesus, poured into that spirit, and that life will revive and look new again.

We used to sing…”Let the Beauty of Jesus be seen in me…..” That’s a prayer I want to pray today.

(Gladys Johnson ~ April 8, 2006)