Generous Giving

It’s two weeks until Christmas! People are running around like crazy buying gifts and going to parties and figuring out how to split their holiday time between family, extended family and friends. It’s partially controlled chaos!

Sure, it’s the “merriest” time of year for many of us despite the stress we create for ourselves. But, for others, the merriness surrounding them only accentuates their sadness, loneliness or poverty.

Statistically, we are more generous at this time of year. More of us give to charities. Many of us volunteer for a few hours at a shelter. This is so amazing, and it is a great way to collectively end a calendar year and move into the next. Being mindful of our fellow man.

However, once January rolls around we generally get caught back up into ourselves and we tend to forget about the sad, lonely and poor until the holiday season comes back around. This is easy to do, and most of us are guilty!

Sharing our abundance of resources with others should be a lifestyle. A daily thing.

You and I have more dollars than most people on the planet, even if we live paycheck to paycheck. Think about who you can share with. I think that in general we feel that if we can’t share “a lot” then it is not worth sharing. This is false! To someone without a dollar, a dollar is a huge blessing!

You and I also have more spare time than we think we have – no matter how busy we are. Think about those single people that you invite to your holiday parties. I challenge you to remember those people the rest of the year. Even the ones who turn down your invitations consistently. Don’t stop. The gesture never goes unnoticed. That little bit of reaching out may be just what that person needs at that time – the boost they need to keep going.

The Challenge: To give as much as we can to those in greater need this holiday season, AND to continue to be conscious of how greatly we are blessed and our ability to share our blessings and time with others throughout 2015.


Christmas Tree

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.” Proverbs 3:27