A twelve year old boy had learned wood carving from an Uncle.  He was pleased with a boat he had carved from a solid piece of wood.  He sanded it smooth, painted it a beautiful white with red trim and now wanted to see if it was balanced enough to float. The next afternoon after school he took his creation to a pond nearby that opened into a stream that ran through his town.  He carefully placed the little boat in the water…it was balanced perfectly.  You can imagine how proud he was of his creation.  The string he had attached to it guaranteed that he could always bring it back at will.  The boy had many happy afternoons sailing his boat.


One day the string attached to the boat got tangled in a branch and broke free from the boys’ control.  A wind came up and blew the little boat across the pond and down the stream. The boy ran after the boat, but lost sight of it.  Because there were three days of torrential rains, he never found his little boat that he had carefully carved into a beautiful creation.

Several months later a toy shop owner saw the bow of a little wooden boat sticking up out of the mud along the banks of the stream.  He picked it up….saw that it was finely made, took it home, washed it, brightened up the paint and put it in his toy store window for sale.

As the boy who made the boat was walking down the sidewalk in front of the toy shop, he saw the boat in the window and recognized right away that it was his craftsmanship! Oh, how excited he was to know he could finally get his little boat back!  He went into the shop…told the shop owner that he had carved the boat himself and he wanted it back.

The shop owner said..NO!   It’s mine now and if you want it you’ll have to buy it!

The boy ran home…broke open his piggy bank and took the money back to the shop owner.  It was just enough to buy the little boat!!!   He hugged it to his chest and said, “YOU’RE MINE TWICE!!!”

Just imagine how God feels when He sees you, whom He has made and breathed life into, go your own way. God sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross and rise again so that when you accept Him as your Savior He exclaims…”YOU’RE MINE TWICE!”

I Corinthians 6:20  “You were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.”