We are now between two of the most family-oriented holidays–Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have all heard sermons about being thankful for what we have in the United States, we’ve sung “thankful” songs and now hear Christmas songs until they become “ad nauseam.” We’ve been made to feel a little guilty if we don’t give extra to the needs of the less fortunate. There are the lonely people who actually hate this time of the year.

But wait…what is it really all about? And I mean more than “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.”

The miracle of Jesus The Christ (The Anointed One..Yeshua Ha’Mashiach) is that He is a part of Almighty God, the Three in One–Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Yeshua was with God as creation of the world, universe, and everything in it was being formed. The Gospel of John tells us that Yeshua’s light shines in the darkness, but the darkness did not understand or recognize it. (John 1:5) The testimony of John the Baptist (a cousin of Jesus) was to prepare the hearts of the people to receive the Christ (Messiah) when He was made known in His 30th year of living on this earth.

You see, God had a plan to make Himself so human to us by sending his Son to this earth as a baby, then a young man who grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:51), and at age 30 was revealed as the promised Messiah. One of His Names is Immanuel, which is translated “God is with us.”

The God-man Jesus, who was without sin, shed His blood on a Roman cross to cover all sin before and after The Cross, then arose from the dead and lives today with His Father God in The Heavenlies.


Wow–that’s a lot to comprehend!!!   It’s so far “out there” our human minds try to figure it out…not possible…don’t go there!!!

It is childlike faith which is a GIFT from God, to receive this Truth.

If you are struggling with the reality of who Jesus is, and that He is more than a baby in a manger, ask God to give you The Faith to Believe. Be honest with God; He knows the thoughts and intent of your heart anyway.

Don’t try to “figure it out”…just know that GOD LOVES YOU WITH UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Once you realize that great love through Jesus Christ, you will never be the same again! The celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth will give you joy and an inner peace that is unexplainable.


“The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23