The Look of Love…..

We are approaching the “Hallmark Holiday” Valentines Day! The stores are stocked with red, pink and white hearts on cards, candies, cakes, balloons, clothing, jewelry and flowers. Why we must be reminded to tell our spouses, children and friends we love them at least one day a year is beyond me.

Love comes from the heart, not from the words or gifts. At least the kind of love we all identify with from one human to another, or even to our pets. Sometimes we even say we love a certain object or place.

There is a love that is unlike any other love we can experience on this earth. God’s love goes beyond my comprehension. When I accept the fact that Christ gives me unconditional love, no matter how much I “mess up,” I can rest in that kind of love.

I don’t have to work for it….He gives it freely!!!

Jesus always has His arms outstreched to receive us. He will hold us through difficult times. He says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

On a missions trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I was awed by the large statue of “Christ the Redeemer” with his arms outstretched and head looking down over the city. It is a reminder that Christ loves everyone. I got to the top of that hill to have my picture taken at the foot of that stone statue like every other tourist.


The love of Christ overwhelmed me that day, and everyday, because I worship and serve a living Savior who offers His Love that endures forever. His Love that won’t let me go. His Love that sustains me and gives me purpose.

My prayer for you is that you allow Christ to love you….that you accept His love for you. He is more than a statue or picture of what we think He looks like.


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