Karen Johnson Coke is the senior contributor to LifeWords Today; her years of ministry bring a voice of experience.  As a young child, Karen traveled the United States, Canada & Mexico with her parents on the Mourer-Johnson Evangelistic Party.  Although Karen was only 6 and 7 years old during that time, she was being called and trained into full time ministry.   As the years progressed Karen was a leader in the youth group at her church and the soloist for the Youth for Christ weekly TV program in Portland, Oregon before attending L.I.F.E. Bible School in Los Angelus.  In later years she traveled and ministered in song in many foreign countries, taught at women’s conferences, and hosted the weekly TV show “Karen Coke Presents” in Charlotte, North Carolina for seven years.  During that time Karen also spent her summers singing and directing choirs at various family camps across the eastern U.S.  Karen’s desire is to encourage the reader with words of life from God’s Word and from life lessons.


2 thoughts on “Karen

  1. Karen, you are as beautiful as ever and haven’t aged a bit. May the Lord continue to bless you greatly. We miss you here in Charlotte as we do Norma also. I love your website.

  2. Karen is a living example of Godliness for all women….. She trusts God’s leading. Is filled with Godly Love and Compassion. A TALENTED singer whose angelic voice makes me cry every time I hear her sing. Karen sings from her heart and through the Spirit of God. “FOR WHO CAN FIND A VIRTUOUS WOMAN….” Karen is the woman of God spoken about in Proverbs 31. Look forward to the wisdom that you will share in this blog. Renee /GNAY

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