Kristin Coke owns and operates, an online bookstore catering to the Jewish Roots of Christianity founded in 2000. In 2003 she began AndyBooks Outreach, a non-profit foundation that cares for widows and orphans, and helps poor families to start their own businesses in Andhra Pradesh, India. Her Grandmother, Gladys, used to contribute short words of encouragement to between 2002 and 2005, some of which she will be sharing via LifeWords Today. Kristin earned a B.A. in Psychology from Queens University of Charlotte in 1996, where she also studied photography. She does some freelance photography, and one of her great joys is to spend time mastering the lost art of printing black and white photographs in her darkroom. Kristin has felt a call to ministry since she was 5 years old, and the Lord is revealing to her that her love for writing can in fact be a part of that ministry! She is excited to be joining her late Grandmother Gladys, her Mother Karen, Aunt Tami and Cousin Nikki in this venture to share their legacy of women in ministry through LifeWords Today. Kristin lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Follow her on Twitter @KristinACoke.

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  1. Kristen is a precious woman of God. Looking forward to her Godly Words – maybe some inspirational pictures as well…. Renee / GNAY

  2. Hey Jim – thanks for the encouragement… we will be starting to post October 1, tomorrow, so check us out and share with others when you can!

  3. We met at Martha’s once or twice i think. God bless your desire to minister. If I can ever help call on me.
    Rev. Dr. Jim Parrish Pastor Bible Baptiast Fort Mill

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