Tami Johnson Romani is Karen’s baby sister and has felt a tug at her heart to co-write a book with their mom ever since discovering many pages of written work after Gladys’s death in 2009, but feels that writing together with her mom (Gladys), sister (Karen), niece (Kristin) and daughter (Nikki) will be even better!  In her home office/recording studio, Tami wears the many hats of voice actor, writer, blogger and all-around office guru for her husband’s construction company.  She loves God’s great outdoors and enjoys hiking, skiing, walking through her neighborhood and a beach day now and then.  After spending untold hours studying the ways of social media, Tami finds it extremely entertaining and helpful to her business ventures.  Early in 2013, God clearly gave her a scripture which she wrote on a card along with the words, “from God – for what?” It is Tami’s prayer that her contributions to LifeWords Today embodies these prophetic words: “My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the utterance from my heart will give understanding.” (Psalm 49:3 NIV)

Tami - studio headshot Feb. 2013

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  1. The only thing that is left out of this BIO… is that Tami is BEAUTIFUL inside and out!!!! Truly a “beautifully and wonderfully made” woman of God. Renee / GNAY

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